Faith and Organizations Project Publications

The Faith and Organizations Project was a coalition research to practice project started by faith community leaders and faith based organization leaders to use applied research to understand links between faith and community based organizations and their sponsoring communities and improve organizational systems and services.

  • Strategies for organizations and communitiesBriefs for FBO staff and faith communities on leadership transitions, staffing, board appointments, maintaining connections between FBO and founding community, fundraising, engaging volunteers, addressing conflicts, and organizational survival.
  • Reports and practitioner articles: Reports from the study, briefs on faith based service for each religion, and articles for FBO staff and faith communities in Congregations and Family and Community Ministries.
  • Workshops and Webinars on Faith Based and Community Based Organizations

    • The Role of Religion in Social Services, Foundation Center, September 2006
    • Faith and Organizations Project team Workshops and Webinars: Volunteering, board appointments, and practical theology in organization programs.