Certifications Detail

D-U-N-S Number:         080052958
MD Vendor Number:     00025977
MD Business License:  W16817603
MD SBA Number:       SB12-20237
MD MBE/DBE Certified: 16-213

Howard and Montgomery counties, MD MBE certified

PA Small Diverse Business Certified: 520928-2017-01-SB-W

CAGE Code: 7L3B7
U.S. Federal WOSB, EDWOSB Self Certified

Credit Cards Accepted


NAIC Codes:

541611 Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services: Under this NAICS code, Chrysalis Collaborations provides strategic and organizational planning, new business startup, and business process improvement consulting for nonprofits, for profits and government.  The company is also a general management consultant that provide a full range of administrative, human resource, process, logistics, or other management consulting services to clients.
Corresponding Index Entries:

  • Administrative management consulting services
  • Business management consulting services
  • Business startup consulting services
  • General management consulting services
  • Reorganizational consulting services
  • Strategic planning consulting services

541612 Human Resources Consulting Services: Under this NAICS code, Chrysalis Collaborations provides advice and assistance to businesses and other organizations in human resource and personnel policies, practices, and procedures,with particular focus on workforce diversity, employment of people with disabilities, and credentialing, managing, and training systems for front-line workers and customer service agents.
Corresponding Index Entries

  • Employee assessment consulting services
  • Human resource consulting services
  • Labor relations consulting services
  • Organization development consulting services
  • Personnel management consulting services

541720 Research and Development in the Social Sciences and Humanities: Under this NAICS code, Chrysalis Collaborations conducts research and analyses in sociology, community psychology, behavior, economic, and other social science and humanities research.
Corresponding Index Entries

  • Behavioral research and development services
  • Business research and development services
  • Demographic research and development services
  • Historic and cultural preservation research and development services
  • Learning disabilities research and development services
  • Social science research and development services
  • Sociological research and development services
  • Sociology research and development services

624310 Vocational Rehabilitation Services: Under this NAICS code, Chrysalis Collaborations provides (1) vocational rehabilitation or habilitation services, such as job counseling, job training, and work experience, to unemployed and underemployed persons, persons with disabilities, and persons who have a job market disadvantage because of lack of education, job skill, or experience and (2) provides training to persons with disabilities. Chrysalis Collaborations also provides professional development and program improvement services to agencies offering vocational rehabilitation services and businesses seeking to hire and/or support people with disabilities and other people with job market disadvantages. Most of this work involves helping agencies improve their programs through design work and professional development, but the company also offers workshops on employment related issues for people with disabilities and others entering the workforce.  A small amount of direct counseling is also done with immigrants/refugees, people with disabilities, and others re-entering the workforce.
Corresponding Index Entries

  • Job counseling, vocational rehabilitation or habilitation
  • Rehabilitation job counseling and training, vocational
  • Vocational habilitation job counseling
  • Vocational rehabilitation job counseling
  • Vocational rehabilitation or habilitation services (e.g., job counseling, job training, work experience)
  • Workshops for persons with disabilities

711510 Independent Artists, Writers, and Performers: Under this NAICS code, Chrysalis Collaborations offers writing services and online content and provides technical assistance on written or online products. Specifically, activities include producing reports, policy documents, books, newspaper op-eds and all forms of technical writing.  This also includes guest presentations on various topics.
Corresponding Index Entries

  • Authors, independent
  • Ghost writers, independent
  • Newspaper columnists, independent (freelance)
  • Speakers, independent
  • Technical writers, independent
  • Writers, independent (freelance)