Our Services

Research & Quality Assurance

Every step of research and quality assurance systems are developed in partnership with the sponsoring organizations and tailored to meet their needs. A full range of services are offered based on agency budget and needs.

Program & Policy Development / Improvement

Program and policy development draws on best practices, cutting edge research and the agency’s goals to create policies that directly meet the needs of the people served and fit agency culture.

Organization & Systems Analysis

Chrysalis Collaborations helps individual agencies understand their internal systems and provides comprehensive analysis of local, regional, and national service systems. In depth knowledge of both agency structures and service systems allows us to offer practical advice with concrete steps to improve service delivery.

Workshops / Training

Workshops and training are developed to meet the specific needs of the requesting organization and range from 1 hour webinars or presentations to full day workshops or mini courses.

Technical Writing & Reports

Chrysalis Collaborations provides a wide range of writing assistance, from mentoring your employees on developing grants or publications to writing reports, policies, and analysis documents of any size. Expertise in translating research or internal agency documents into materials for the general public, staff, or policy makers.