Selected Workshops List

Workshop/Webinar Topics:  General outlines for workshops on these topics have been developed and are tailored for presentations at organizations or events.

Using Networks and Social Capital in Successful Workforce Development Strategies

Key Issues in Hiring and Retaining Workers with Disabilities (for employers)

Effective Strategies to Work with Employers to Increase Employment for People with Disabilities

Customized Skills Training and On the Job Training

Successfully Resettling College Educated Professional Refugees

Faith Community and Resettlement Agency Partnerships for Successful Refugee Resettlement

Selected Workshop Presentations for Government, Universities, Nonprofits. and Foundations

Strategies for Self Sufficiency, presented at HHS consultative session for Maryland TANF staff  – Engaging TANF and Immigrant Populations in Work Activities that Create Pathways to Self Sufficiency.  Baltimore, November 3rd and 4th, 2009.

Maintaining Vital Connections Between Faith Communities and their Organizations, Alban Institute Webinar/radio workshop, April 2010

Strengthening Service Organizations, Workshop for the Baltimore Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), July 2010

Applying Social Capital: Organizations, Families and Communities. Government of Canada’s Interdepartmental Workshop on Social Capital, Meech Lake, Ontario, Canada, June 2003.  Formal presentation and participated in brainstorming and workshop sessions during 2 day conference.

Model for Disseminating Health Communications and Health Practices to Hard to Reach Populations, NCI.  Workshop style presentation to NCI and NIH staff on implementing model created as AAAS fellow.  February 2005

The Role of Religion in Social Services, Foundation Center, Washington DC, January 2007

Social Capital and Welfare Reform:  Linking Theory to Practice to Assist Families and Organizations, workshop, consultative session and book talk at University of Washington, February 200

Implications of Social and Cultural Capital for Nonprofits Research, Harvard seminar on non-profits, March 2007

Race, Class, Geography and Social Capital.  Workshop on the role of social capital, social geography and place based interventions to combat poverty presented to Annie E Casey Foundation staff and consultants, December 2007

PIA Webinars 

Translating Multi-methods Research Projects Into Practice: How to Bring Together All Key Elements

Translating Research Into Policy and Practice: How to Successfully Share Your Findings

Advisory Committees: How to Select and Work With these Powerful Allies

How to Design a Multi-methods Research Project Funders Won’t Ignore

Interdisciplinary Research Teams: Who to Include, Who to Avoid, and How to Manage Effectively

IRB Boards and Qualitative Research: Insider Guidance for IRB Forms, Informed Consent

Participatory Action Research from A to Z: Making the Most of Community Involvement, Getting A+ Results

NIH R01 for Social Sciences: 10 Key Tips to Write a Winning Proposal

Leveraging In-Kind Resources to Get Your Research Started

How to Obtain Foundation Funding for Social Science & Public Health Research